Specializing in Piezo Stages and Nanopositioning Solutions


XY nanopositioning piezo stage with high resonant frequency and very low profile.  Ideal for use in optical imaging and resolution enhancement applications.

Product Specs
Part Number 3715448
Footprint 75mm W X 75mm D X 14mm H
Diameter NA
Aperture 30 mm diameter
Material Aluminum
Maximum Load 1kg
Max Force (Push/Pull) 20N/10N
Stage Mass 150g
Nanomotion Control XY
Closed-loop Travel 60µm|60µm
Open-loop Travel (-30 to 150 V) 70µm|70µm
Position Noise 0.2nm|0.2nm
Stiffness 0.3N/µm|0.3N/µm
Resonant Frequency 1400Hz|1400Hz
Settling Time 4ms|4ms
Linearity Deviation 0.02%|0.02%
Capacitance 1.5µF|1.5µF
Integrated Sensor Capacitive
Cable Length 2m
Controller LC.402

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