Specializing in Piezo Stages and Nanopositioning Solutions

Product Specs
Part Number 3715184 / 3715304
Footprint 63.5mm W 50mm D x 33.5mm H
Material Aluminum & SS
Maximum Load 0.8kg
Max Force (Push/Pull) 100N/10N
Stage Mass 200g
Nanomotion Control Z
Closed-loop Travel 400µm
Open-loop Travel (-30 to 150 V) 470µm
Position Noise 1.5nm / 7nm
Stiffness 0.2N/µm
Resonant Frequency 230Hz
Settling Time 20ms
Linearity Deviation 0.01% / 0.02%
Capacitance 5.8µF
Integrated Sensor Capacitive / Strain Gauge
Cable Length 2m
Controller LC.400


Microscope objective scanner with 400µm range. Can be fitted with a strain gauge or capacitive sensor for closed-loop feedback.

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