Specializing in Piezo Stages and Nanopositioning Solutions

Product Specs
Part Number 3715414
Footprint 67mm ∅ x 44.5mm H
Material Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Maximum Load 1kg
Max Force (Push/Pull) 100N/20N
Stage Mass 500g
Nanomotion Control Z
Closed-loop Travel 100µm
Open-loop Travel (-30 to 150 V) 110µm
Position Noise 0.5nm
Stiffness 3.5N/µm
Resonant Frequency 1150Hz
Settling Time 2ms
Linearity Deviation 0.05%
Capacitance 6.2µF
Integrated Sensor Capacitive
Cable Length 2m
Controller LC.400


Ultra-fast objective nanopositioner. High stiffness allows for use with heavy microscope objectives.

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