Specializing in Piezo Stages and Nanopositioning Solutions

Product Specs
Channels Up to three, more configurations available
Resolution 20-bit
Processor 32-bit floating point DSP
Sampling Rate 24 µsec servo-loop
Interfaces USB
Analog input (-10V to 10V)
Analog monitor output (-10V to 10V)
Software nPoint Basic control panel
LabVIEW and DLL drivers
Internal wave form generator
Custom Software Available
HV Driver Voltage -30V to 150V piezo driver signal
Command Input Voltage BNC -10V to 10V analog position command signal, 0V to 10V, or custom optional
Sensor Monitor Output BNC -10V to 10V analog sensor signal, 0V to 10V, or custom optional
Sensor Type Capacitive or Strain Gauge
Max Output Current 60 mA
Dimensions 147 x 29 x 160 mm (1 channel model)
Cables 2m long cables to the nanopositioner (custom length cables are available)
Operating Voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Certification CE, UL, CAN/CSA


The LC.300 series OEM controllers provide economical closed-loop operation for up to three channels. nPoint’s nPControl Basic Software offers the ability to easily change control parameters via a Windows-based GUI. Controllers are available with either capacitive or strain gauge sensing technology. Their small footprint allows for simple integration into OEM equipment.

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