Specializing in Piezo Stages and Nanopositioning Solutions

Product Specs
Channels 1 (D.201) and 2 (D.202) channels available
Control input connector BNC
Control input voltage range adjustable to ±5 V, ±10 V or 0 to 10 V
Input impedance 100 K ohms
Dimensions 185 x 229 x 64 mm


The D.200 series is the newest addition to nPoint’s piezo drivers. They are available in one- and two-channel configurations. The D.200 is a bench-top piezo driver that can be operated manually or via the BNC analog input. The gain and offset potentiometers are 10-turn with digital counting dials. The LCD display shows the HV output voltage which can also be monitored through the BNC that displays at 100x reduced voltage.

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