nPoint AFM upgrades

Upgrades for Agilent 5500LS

Part Number XY Travel (µm) Z Travel (µm) Description Request Quote iCXY100-A55LS 100 – Extremely low scanner bow (vacuum chuck available). Request Quote iCXY200-A55LS 200 – Small scanner bow. Request Quote iCXY100Z25-A55LS 100 25 Request Quote iCXY200Z25-A55LS 200 25 Request Quote iCXY100SA-A55LS 100 – Compact, fast scanner. Request Quote iCXY400Z100-A55LS 400 100 Extremely large XYZ […]

Abbe error

A positioning or measurement error caused by parasitic rotations when a misalignment exists between the measurement axis and the point of interest. By reducing either parasitic rotations or the offset of misalignment, or both, the abbe error can be minimized. The abbe error can be estimated as: δ = ι * α where δ is […]


LC.400 OEM Controllers

LC.400 OEM Board (1 Channel) P/N: 200683 LC.400 OEM Board for Strain Gauge Products (1 Channel) P/N:200761 LC.402 OEM Board Stacked Design (2 Channels) P/N: 200729 LC.402 OEM Board Side-by-Side Design (2 Channels) P/N:200770 nPoint has many options for OEM nanopositioning electronics.  Based on the LC.400 series DSP digital control system closed-loop operation can be […]