Piezo Stage Orthogonality

Orthogonality Correction for Piezo Flexure Stages

nPoint is now offering an easy way for correcting the orthogonality error of XY scanners for the most demanding scanning applications. This capability is primarily used by OEM customers in applications such as Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). An external method for measuring the orthogonality error is necessary prior to applying such correction. The AFM application […]


The New NPXY250-405 Piezo Stage

  The NPXY250-405 piezo stage is the latest addition to nPoint’s nanopositioning lineup.  This stage is designed as an economical XY piezo flexure stage. The NPXY250-405 nanopositioner is a piezo driven, flexure guided stage, designed for economical XY positioning and scanning. Having a position noise of 3nm with strain gauge sensors, this system provides the […]

nPoint AFM upgrades

Upgrades for Dimension 3000

Part Number XY Travel (µm) Z Travel (µm) Description Request Quote iCXY100-D30 100 – Extremely low scanner bow (vacuum chuck available). Request Quote iCXY200-D30 200 – Small scanner bow. Request Quote iCXY100Z25-D30 100 25 Requires AFM frame spacer for Veeco AFMs. Request Quote iCXY200Z25-D30 200 25 Requires AFM frame spacer for Veeco AFMs. Request Quote

Polystyrene - Poly(methyl methacrylate) blend 6u00b5m scan

Anasys Instruments

“We use the nPoint scanner pretty much all the time on our Dimension system to allow us to accurately position the probe for the nano thermal analysis”. Kevin Kjoller, VP of Research, Engineering and Applications, Anasys Instruments