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The nPoint Advantage

nPoint has been providing motion control solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers involved in diverse markets for more than 10 years. nPoint's innovative design of positioners and electronics offers exceptionally high speed while maintaining positioning accuracy and repeatability.

When the customer's application requires added capabilities beyond those of our standard nanopositioning systems, we deliver solutions through new-product development combined with novel integration of existing products.

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OEM Controller

 nPoint Also Offers OEM Nanopositioning Electronics




Think of Us As Your Partner

nPoint has extensive experience in integrating our products into existing or new OEM customer products. This experience results in quick initial-contact to final-product timelines, while ensuring close communication throughout the process. Our goal is to understand your motion control needs and identify the solution that best fits those needs. Our highly qualified sales engineers and in-house team of engineers and scientists will help you identify which performance characteristics are crucial to the success of your products.

Helping Our Customers Achieve Their Goals Worldwide

With design and production capabilities in Middleton, WI and global distribution channels, nPoint provides customer support and reliability around the world. nPoint offers the best of experience and technology, as well as a turn-key approach to a wide range of precision motion control applications.