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AFM Scanner Upgrades

Take your AFM to the next level with a closed-loop AFM nanopositioner system upgrade from nPoint. Our piezo-actuated flexure scanners are compatible with Agilent, Ambios and Veeco AFMs. We can provide custom solutions that meet any needs from extremely large scanning ranges to ultra-flat scanning.

Integration is transparent and does not require any AFM modifications. Our in-house AFM knowledge greatly facilitates custom integrations. We can provide AFM data to verify the performance of our scanners. Our nanopositioning solutions provide up to 400µm of scanning travel in the X & Y axes and 100µm in the Z axis.

AFM Upgrade Features

nPoint's closed-loop AFM scanners offer:

To learn more, please see our Custom/OEM Design section, or our Knowledge Center.

nPoint offers a full line of two and three axes closed-loop systems for integration with commercial AFMs

Please contact us to find a configuration that meets your needs.