3D Spiral Scan Plot

High Resolution Data Acquisition for Piezo Stages

In order to maximize scanning speed for photonics applications, it is often important to acquire recordings of nanopositoning stage sensor data synchronized with data collected from external sensors or detectors.  The LC.400 series of controllers can record up to 8 streams of internal data simultaneously, including voltage signals measured via the controller front panel BNC analog […]

Raster Scanning Spiral Pattern

Raster Scanning Techniques for Photonics Applications

The nPoint LC.400 series of controllers have several internal functions for use with raster scanning.  A traditional raster scan can be generated via the simple Raster Scanning GUI used in the traditional raster scan below. Additional raster scanning patterns can be generated via the arbitrary scan capability of the controller. This provides complete flexibility for […]

Oscilloscope Caputre of XY Motion

Custom Programming for Nanopositioning Stages

nPoint uses digital control electronics in its nanopositioning systems. Electrical, mechanical, and software engineering are all done in-house. This flexibility allows for custom development to meet the requirements set forth by an external user. The following provides an example of custom software features programmed at nPoint directly for a customer application. Read: OEM and Custom […]


Positioning on the Nanoscale with a Joystick Controller

Many applications require a nanopositioner to be programmed for incorporation into a complicated system. For certain applications, it is necessary to use a nanopositioning stage to simply move an object with nanometer precision. nPoint offers a simple way to position with nanoscale resolution by using a standard USB joystick. The joystick can be used in […]

Nanofocusing Stages for Microscopy

ScanImage Compatibility with nPoint Nanopositioners

ScanImage was developed as a laser scanning software tool that can be used for custom microscopes. This allows the user to customize hardware for challenging applications where commercial microscopes may not be a good fit. ScanImage is an open source platform designed to integrate various hardware suppliers depending on the needs of the user. nPoint […]


Trajectory Generation with Nanopositioning Systems

Trajectory Generation is the latest feature on nPoint’s nPControl software environment for the LC.400 Series Nanopositioning Controllers. The trajectory generation interface allows a user to scan through up to 500 position coordinates, with velocity and dwell time specified individually for each positioning event. These coordinates are downloaded to the controller for operation. The trajectory generation […]

EPICS Compatibility with nPoint Piezo Stages

EPICS or the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System, was developed jointly between Los Alamos and Argonne National Laboratories. As a software infrastructure, EPICS is used on beamlines, large telescopes, and for large experiments where many computers and instruments are networked together. At Argonne’s Avanced Photon Source (APS), EPICS is used within the control system […]

nPFocus Objective Z Piezo Positioner Set-Up

The nPFocus series piezo stages allow for fast, precision positioning of optics (often microscope objectives). Speed can be up to 10X faster that other motorized stages allowing for high speed 3D imaging, Z-stacks, and auto focus. Closed-loop control helps system dynamics and ensures position accuracy in the nanometer range. Capacitive sensors are available for high […]

piezo stage autofocus system

Using nPoint Piezo Stages with Auto Focus Systems

Auto Focus systems are developed to maintain precision focus over extended periods of time and can be used to automate image acquisition while scanning objects. Auto Focus systems combined with piezo stages can produce images with speed and precision even with varying environmental conditions. Auto Focus systems can be combined with conventional microscopes in many […]