How does the step response specification relate to scanning speed?

A nanopositioner with a high resonant frequency will have a fast step response specification. A nanopositioner with a fast step response specification allows the user to increase the bandwidth of the control loop. A high bandwidth control loop reduces phase delay, which in turn allows the user to scan at an increased rate. Phase delay […]

What does bandwidth mean?

Bandwidth is the frequency at which the actual oscillation amplitude is attenuated by -3dB from the commanded oscillation amplitude. This is approximately equal to the frequency at which the actual oscillation amplitude attenuates by 30% from the commanded oscillation amplitude. The bandwidth has to be tested with small driving signal, which guarantees that the attenuation […]

Can I purchase a stage without the controller?

nPoint nanopositioners are available as stand alone units. Some researchers prefer to develop their own electronic controls for use with our stages. Other researchers want to drive the stage in open loop. To achieve maximum benefit with nPoint nanopositioners, we recommend purchasing an nPoint system which includes the positioner, electronic controller, and operating software. nPoint […]

What is the lead time for a custom design?

90 days from completion of the product design. The timeline for a product design is determined by the individual customer. The intricacy of performance specifications, the uniqueness of the footprint requirements, and the level of integration into the customer’s system all factor into the product design time. nPoint’s design team has worked with a wide […]